Why SMS Marketing?

There are lot of reason why SMS marketing is better than Email marketing.

100% delivery rate. All SMS you send gets delivered.

Very high open and clickrate.

No anti-spam filters nor spam/junks folders.

SMS marketing is still rare. While average person gets dozens of marketing emails per day, he gets only couple of marketing SMS per week.

Everybody does email marketing. The competition for attention is huge and you can't stand out with email marketing.

More and more people use their mobile phone to go online instead of a computer.



SMS Data

High quality mobile phone numbers of smart phone users from most Western countries (Tier 1).

Data Cleaning

If you want ot check your database of mobile phone numbers for validity, we can help you with that.


If you are new to SMS marketing or need some help our experts will be happy to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we don't. We like to focus on what we do best and let others do what they do best. And since mobile operators own this market, we don't really see a reason to compete with them.

Just Google it and you will find many options. We do not work with any of them, and thus do not want to endorse anyone.

It varies depending on the provider and country where you want to send, but usually the range is between 0,01$ and 0,05$ per 1 SMS.



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